Can’t Wait For Our First Deal!

June 15th, 2013 – This is the day Fei Guo and Brian Poon decide to create our partnership in Real Estate investment.

Thanks to Brian, took me from a traditional home buyer in the heated Seattle housing market (to be specific, Revenna, Maple Leaf, Wedgewood, and Pinehurst), to a motivated RE investor mindset! We attended the three day training at the Rich Dad Real Estate education in Bellevue, WA. FALL IN LOVE the knowledge Mr.Alan Swails shared with us – and decide to move forward with the training.

Today, is the second day after the Three-Day-Weekend. We have one more day to decide if we would like to keep going with the Rich Dad Education program, or go the old fashioned way – D.I.Y.

Brian has been learning and preparing himself for the lifestyle he wanted for a long time. However, he has very limited connection in Real Estate. Brian is a Certified Public Accountant – my bright, hard working, clear-minded left hand!

On the other side, I have been working for experienced Real Estate executives in different functions for over three years. From commercial and multifamily development, creative financing, to property management… There are always so many tactics to try in Real Estate!

Can’t wait to put our combined strength to work! I look forward to it.


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