Moolly – Mood tracker magic

Moolly - Mood tracker magic

Some of you may wonder what I do at school? Well, not real estate?! It saddens me how much I miss thinking and talking about real estate every day. I enjoys talking and doing real estate. But, I committed and admitted myself to finishing this masters degree in information management, so I am going to rock it. Btw, shameless plug, if you are thinking about advancing your career in Information Management/ Information System/ IT in general, you should check out the iSchool at University of Washington (Seattle). I love our program.

Back to Molly. Molly is an Mood Tacker app we are developing for one of our User Interface design class. The cartoon was drawn by a wonderful friend of ours. (I will post her website later). The magic happens box is how Moolly changes lives. Yes. and I will came back later and tell you more about Moolly 😉 (Shameless)


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