A Week of Mining Seattle’s Craigslist Apartment Pricing

I should run this for my house 😉

Jay's Life

Everyone is freaking out over San Francisco astronomically high rent prices right now when Seattle real-estate isn’t that far behind.

I was walking down the street once in the university district around the University of Washington when I saw construction being built. And then more construction. And then MORE construction down the block. Ridiculous. Looking at a half-torn up flyer, the prices for these new apartments coming out in 2015 were around 1300 per bedroom for a two bedroom apartment! I quickly went home and started trying to figure out how fast rent was rising in Seattle.

One fun way to do this was by working on a project that I have since put off for school back in November. Since reliably the best place to find apartments has been on Craigslist, I created a script using Scrapy to grab listings of apartments on Seattle craigslist and filtered them for…

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