Wow it’s been a long time!

Hello world! It’s been a long time since I updated this blog. Now seems like a good time.

I finally registered for Tableau Public, check out my fascinations here. Obviously this is going to be mostly neighborhood / real estate related.

It was kinda fun to go back in to to look for treasure again. I started with a list of page visit data for I was positively impressed to see that Socrata, a local business, now supplies a direct OData streaming on the site!



Bounce Rate to Exit Rate in Seattle.Gov/Neighborhoods pages

Bounce Rate to Exit Rate in Seattle.Gov/Neighborhoods pages

I was not surprised to see that there is a slight negative correlation between median unique page view to median bounce rate. If I go on the site and open one of the links, read it for the first time, my view would be counted as a unique view. I would insinuate that the more unique views a page gets, the higher chance that a viewer is actually reading the page (and not bouncing, which is leaving the page within 2-3 seconds).


From this scatter plot, I learned that people probably dont get their school information here – the “major-institutions-and-school” page groups has very low unique views but a ~45% bounce rate.   It also appears that the ‘equitable-outreach-and-engagement” gets most the attention here, pretty high unique views and very low bounce rate.  Curious? Let’s give them some more page views here.



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