You Can Be Whatever You Wish – TAKEN ACTION NOW!

I went to my second REAPS (Real Estate Association of Puget Sound) meeting this past Sat. It was a whole day event featuring Mr. Louis “Lou”Brown.

To be honest, I did not feel I learned much on the “premier” public event on Thursday night where Lou gave a brief introduction on himself and his products. But I knew there is always something I do not know and what we need now is open up ourselves to different business models. Thus I set my alarm to 6am, and start driving at 7am. 
Do you listen to KUOW? I am a fan. When I heard this story I literally had tears in my eyes… 

Meet The 11-Year-Old Campaign Manager Stumping For Cambridge Candidate


Most of the time, volunteers for campaigns become active in politics during college, but in one local election, a volunteer is starting much sooner.

When a political candidate has little political experience, everyone around her has something to add, some experience to share, or some intangible to help the campaign.

Take, for example, Joyce Gerber, who is running for the Cambridge School Committee, and needed help analyzing voter data: 

“I had just posted a job description at the Harvard School of Government, because I was looking for someone to help me with my campaign. I knew what I needed.” 

What Joyce didn’t know is that her next volunteer didn’t drive, couldn’t vote, and stood as tall as her elbow. She bumped into a neighborhood kid, Zev Dickstein, an 11-year-old 5th grader. Zev is a political wonk beyond his years, whom Gerber had met volunteering for Elizabeth Warren’s campaign. 

“We had a little discussion, we had a policy discussion. And he sent me a very nice email and said he would love to be my campaign manager,” she said. 

That’s right; campaign manager. 

Gerber told him she would talk to his mother, who signed off, and Zev soon began knocking on doors for Joyce’s school committee bid, just as he’d done for Warren’s campaign. 

Zev said he learned a lot from Warren’s campaign. 

“I learned how to canvass, I had no idea in the beginning,” he said. “And, I learned what people thought of campaigns.” 

In the cynical, political world it might be easy to see Zev, The Campaign Manager, as a mere gimmick. But, the boy has been doing the grunt work that thousands of campaign workers do all across the country every year: 

“I create voter lists to contact, I do strategy, I helped with the Web site, I created the campaign literature. Luckily the election, I mean it’s mostly in the summer.” 

Summer is a time when most 11-year-olds are in camp, in a pool, or riding their bike to a friend’s house. But Zev has his time management down pat. 

“I do my violin when I get home, then I work on the computer for Joyce. It’s really busy,” he said. 

In politics, sometimes you need luck to fall your way. 

This Sunday, when Zev helps Joyce kick off her campaign at a Cambridge block party. This 11-year-old will also be performing magic tricks.

Zev Dickstein, credit Anne Mostue / WGBH

This 11-year-old campaign manager made my morning. It is the type of “motivational injection” that last me a whole week.

There I am, sitting in the middle of a whole room of people from all ages. Many of them had already owned more than 5 houses at the moment, some even holds more than 15 properties. On one side, I wish I could understand and absorb as much as they would do, because I know the more you practice, the more you would value continuing education. On the other side, I am so proud of myself perhaps being the 5th youngest person in the room, and I know – WE ARE DOING THIS! Not tomorrow, not next year – TODAY. NOW. 
Good news, I am closing my very first deal with the help from my wonderful realtor Mrs.RoJane Maybee. Tomorrow is my first inspection, and I already have renters coming to check out the house! 🙂 It’s all happening! I LOVE IT. 
Please stay in tune, and I would like to share something I learned from Lou last weekend with you shortly.



Tonight was our first night attending our local Real Estate Association event. If you are an real estate professional in the Puget Sound area or interested in working with other professionals in this area, I mean lawyer, accountant, adviser, investor, broker… no matter what hat you wear or how many you wear, YOU SHOULD JOIN – Real Estate Association of Puget Sound. 

It was a great great new member event, featuring Louis Brown! Tonight was only an introduction. I will be coming back again on Sat for a whole day training! I will write a few more blogs on what I learned (and will learn) from Lou over the weekend.

Besides Lou, I also met some of the most wonderful people in the room. Today we got to speak with Ms. Wendy Ceccherelli. To be honest, her blog was my inspiration – why don’t I write down the encounters I had while learning how to invest in real estate? I love her blogs and that’s why I started this one 🙂 Can’t believe I actually met her in person today!! Only when I got home and click on my RSS, I realize — OMG. I just talked to Wendy! IN PERSON!  Please consider this as my little fan fever.

Wendy is fabulous. I wanted to share with someone about the leads I have been getting these few days. Oh, did I mention I got new business cards for me and Brian? “If I close on a real estate transaction due to your referral, please let me know and I will send you a check for $500!” I did what Alan (remember our Rich Dad class?) told us to do, and have been distributing my cards since I got them yesterday. Can you imagine it? I have a few leads already! But now I have to think about the strategy, the analysis, how to change a lead to a real deal…

I believe: one shall only touch the wall to tell it’s hardness (let’s hope we use our hands, not our heads). I approached Wendy after the event. Let’s cut the chase, here is what I learned today. Ask people about their investment goal first, then tell them what you have. And a little revisit of what Alan taught us: you got the contract, you got the deal. Must must must remember to get a seller under contract before you present the opportunity as a “deal”!

I enjoy learning from experienced people, very very very much. Can’t wait for the day I am sharing with new investors who is standing where I am today! 🙂

Talk to investors in your area. Enjoy!

Refreshing Kitchen Color Theme and Kitchen Remodeling Work-Book

I just can not resist this ocean blue!

This is, again, from 
I have been learning so much from on many types of remodeling projects. Can’t wait to actually start my own remodeling! Of course I won’t have enough return on a $70,000 kitchen remodeling (until I buy a multi-million villa, huh?) but I think it is reasonable to paint the cabinets and change the faucet and sink, as well as backsplash, right?

Uh-oh.. there we go. Me setting crazy plans again.. Why don’t we take some time to review how to plan and execute a kitchen remodeling this time, and I will consolidate a few good blog posts about DIY refinish kitchen cabinets and backsplash next time? Ohhh, and counter top material as well 🙂

Work-Book to Kitchen Remodeling

Often time, when I visit an open house or house show, the first thing I would love to change is the kitchen (followed by the bathroom, of course). I know it could be very costly when it comes to kitchen remodeling due to the functionality design, as well as plumbing, electric, and appliances. But when do you start? Here is an awesome blog post:
Some kitchen remodel considerations:
  • Are you remodeling your kitchen within the existing footprint?
  • Do you want to relocate the sink or range, which would mean moving the plumbing or gas lines?
  • Are you planning on opening up to another room and you aren’t sure if you have a load-bearing wall? This might require structural work and unforeseen costs.
  • With new construction, you might have already heard prices referred to as the cost per square foot, but this formula rarely works with remodeling. Every home has unique conditions due to age, construction type (masonry versus frame, for example) and layout.
  • Detailed pricing information up front will help you meet your budget. Where to start? Here are a few suggestions.
Budget, plan, find a good pro and work with them – there are much to learn! 

RE Class in Seattle – Short Sale Super Star!

Since we decide not to go with the $$$$ Rich Dad courses, I have been looking for alternatives that provides us with investment & networking opportunities.

Yesterday we met RoJane and learn about Short Sale. I started digging (aka Google stalking) right after, and here is what I found:

Nationwide site to share knowledge about short sales, helping homeowners avoid foreclosure by short sale.

I LOVE IT! I found so many great questions and answers on the site – and trainings!!
13 webinars (45-90 min each) for only $25 each – $147 for all 13 of them if buy together. 

Here is the topics:

  1. Why a Short Sale?
  2. Qualifying The Seller
  3. Pricing and Marketing The Property
  4. Negotiating Techniques 1
  5. HUD1 Tips
  6. Escalation and Communication Tips
  7. Disputing Bad BPOs
  8. Cash Contributions and Prom Notes
  9. Negotiating Junior Liens
  10. Lead Generation
  11. 10 Short Sale Mistakes
  12. VA, HAP and FHA
  13. Getting Short Sales Closed
and here is the link.