Ugly house on 25th Ave in Bryant

It’s funny how house conditions change within 2 blocks. We see some fancy fancy cute houses around the block of 65th and 25th Ave, and off the sudden, when you get to 75th, things change! Lots get bigger, houses get lower, lawns turn boring.. I was looking at this short sale house on 75th and 25th Ave a month ago. It would make a excellent rental property given its bright large square rooms, and private back yard. Yesterday when I drove by it from school, I saw a sad looking house, more specifically, a vacant looking house right across street from the short sale house. Hmm. Time for some title checking and door knocking you say? 🙂

New things to delegate to a virtual assistant!

I recently started to go back to many networking and training events. What does this mean? Tons and tons of business cards! So I tried to look for a good CRM system so I remember to follow up with my contacts, and hopefully categorize them for future needs (buyer blast etc). 

So now we have 2 goal:

1) Enter all business cards information to a computer

2) Find a good CRM application

Let me walk you through my experience.

I do not like data entry. No one likes data entry. How can we make this work? I ring my VA (virtual assistant) whom I have not been able to find a good task for since a couple weeks ago (terribly guilty), and set up a quick excel sheet for her to enter the information to columns as directed. Viola! All done in one night! (My sweetest VA Mary is in a different timezone from us, thus she was able to do the magic while I am sleeping)

CRM application. My dear fancy boss subscribe to a great CRM system called Solve360. It is the best and easiest to use CRM I have seen so far, for a price most business owners can afford. Well, I am just starting and I probably can not afford that (about $40/mon). So let’s look for a free one! I found Contactually. It is actually quite awesome. 


To me, Contactually reminds me to email my key contacts at the time I set myself for. For example, it asks me to email my old professors every 120 days from last contact.  This is just want I need with a busy life ahead of me! 

Did I tell you Contactually integrated with my LinkedIn, Facebook, and Gmail account? It automatically recognized my contacts across the board, a simple swipe and confirm from me lets Contactually reconcile all the information, and generate most accurate contact, activity and interactions between the contact and myself. 

I have been using it for a few days and there are still alot of things I can optimize my Contactually account! Love it!


Yellow Letter – envelope arrived!

Received my yellow envelope in the mail today! Quality is very good and I can’t wait to get my papers next!

I bought the envelopes on eBay: here

Why Yellow Letters?

Yellow letters are printed with hand-written-look-alike font on a old fashioned yellow lined paper. Letter are sent in yellow envelopes with the same fonts and regular stamps so people would open them as if these are from people they may know.

Yellow letters are known to have a higher response rate. Usually direct marketing has a response rate of 0.5% to 1%. Many people say that yellow letters have a response rate of 5% or higher!

We will see how this letter works 😉


I find this amazing response o the internet.. Well, guess this investor should call back in 45 years then?

Funny Returned Letter

University District Farmers Market to move… and new park on lot!

Farmers market brings so much memory from my college years. Well, it is only moving half a block so no need to sweet. Good news it, there may be a new park on the existing lot! Does that mean University Heights is going away too? I never really liked that building but it is being used by the Experimental College for some great classes..

The move is happening because of a planned new city park that will bring in “a performance area/plaza, rain gardens to improve storm water quality, landscaped areas and other amenities,” according to the city.

News, weather, traffic, events and photos from the City Desk at The Seattle Times.

via University District Farmers Market to move.

The Most Crazy Before & After I have Ever Seen!

I really want to know how much money they spent on this project…

If you’d asked self-taught designer Nikki Lloyd and her husband, Ryan Whaley, five years ago if they would ever move back to their hometown of Sandusky, Ohio, the answer would have been, “Not a chance.” But “every time we came home to visit family, we began to see a community on the rebound, and we really wanted to be a part of it,” says Lloyd.

The couple moved to the quaint lakeside town and invested in a dilapidated late-1800s building in the heart of downtown Sandusky. The building was a wreck, but Lloyd has made an art out of taking diamonds in the rough and creating shiny gems. She had previously improved a ho-hum prefab home near Breckenridge, Colorado, and a teardown-turned-charming-cottage in suburban Ohio.

But never had she tackled a project with such a history as her new home, once an early-1900s high-end bordello known as The Green Door.

Houzz at a Glance
Who lives here: Nikki Lloyd and Ryan Whaley
Location: Sandusky, Ohio
Size: 1,500-square-foot loft, plus a 750-square-foot office and a 750-square-foot cocktail bar; 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms