Custom Media Wall for less than $2,000!

This week: Frugal-tastic Media Wall $2,000!–Expanded-Living-Space-on-a-Budget

As a real estate newbie, I am always a little hesitant about the basement. It is dark, gloomy, enclosed… A custom media wall may cost you at lease $5,000 in addition to the overall remodeling of the area. Geez. Let’s just through a TV on a stand and call it a media corner!

Well, we have an cheaper alternative for you and it looks just as cute!

If you are interested in a tutorial, here is the designer’s website:

See before and after here

How Immigrants Boots U.S. Housing Market

Immigrants Boost U.S. Economic Vitality through the Housing Market | AS/COA

Everyone knows the legendary housing price in Vancouver BC is majorly an result of wealthy immigrants buying homes – booting demand. This is also true in the U.S.. However, just how much demand had correlate to the number of new immigrants in an area? This article finds out for you.  Interestingly, you can see the numbers yourself via an interactive map.

Put your own zip code and find out!

RE Class in Seattle – Short Sale Super Star!

Since we decide not to go with the $$$$ Rich Dad courses, I have been looking for alternatives that provides us with investment & networking opportunities.

Yesterday we met RoJane and learn about Short Sale. I started digging (aka Google stalking) right after, and here is what I found:

Nationwide site to share knowledge about short sales, helping homeowners avoid foreclosure by short sale.

I LOVE IT! I found so many great questions and answers on the site – and trainings!!
13 webinars (45-90 min each) for only $25 each – $147 for all 13 of them if buy together. 

Here is the topics:

  1. Why a Short Sale?
  2. Qualifying The Seller
  3. Pricing and Marketing The Property
  4. Negotiating Techniques 1
  5. HUD1 Tips
  6. Escalation and Communication Tips
  7. Disputing Bad BPOs
  8. Cash Contributions and Prom Notes
  9. Negotiating Junior Liens
  10. Lead Generation
  11. 10 Short Sale Mistakes
  12. VA, HAP and FHA
  13. Getting Short Sales Closed
and here is the link.

Building A TEAM

Yesterday was the last day to respond to the Rich Dad training program. After talking to all the professionals, friends, and families around us – we decide not to go forward with the program.

I spent a couple hours in the bookstore, and grabbed a few RE investment books:
– The Pre-Foreclosure Property Investor’s Kit
– Real Estate Advantages, Tax and Legal Secrets of Successful Real Estate Investors
– Real Estate Riches
– The ABC’s of Real Estate Investing

Brian and I also went to meet Mrs. RoJane Maybee (isn’t her name cool??) – the real estate super star referred by my forever mentor and friend David Bovee. RoJane will help us to get started, fast. Here is the plan:
– Get a house with FHA loan (3% down)
– Use the rest of the money to buy 1 rental property
– Lastly, do one Rehab before the end of the year for short term return

I started to look at Redfin listings in the different way – I now can “favorite” Short-Sales, because I know RoJane can help us figure out the way to approach Short-Sale deals. I can “favorite” ugly homes (fixers), because I know RoJane can help us understand the ROI on the rehab work.

We will not just stop here. I have ordered new business cards for the two of us – the Alan way 😉 I signed up for the REAPS (Real Estate Association of the Puget Sound) meetings next week – can’t wait to meet other RE investors in this play field!

I am way too excited for what is happening within the short week! It is only 3 days after the class and we already had a great plan and ready to roll!!